In the tech space today, it’s incredibly easy to get confused and have no idea what path to take. Let’s think about it for a second – how many CICD tools are out there? How many public clouds exist? How many Infrastructure-as-Code and Configuration Management Tools are relevant? The answer is A LOT. Because of that, how does an engineer or someone trying to turn into an engineer know where to start? It feels almost impossible…

The truth is quite simple really – it doesn’t matter how many different CICD tools or how many different cloud providers you know. The only thing that matters is how well you know your mind.

Interested? Keep reading.

The mind is a powerful place, and how you use your mind to study is breathtakingly incredible, to say the least. The mind is so powerful that you can literally spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per day studying and if you do it right, be way ahead of the others that are studying for 3-5 hours per day with a huge amount of distractions.

Michael started The Directed Five because he was in plenty of situations throughout his career as a Systems Administrator, Developer, Senior Cloud Engineer, Lead DevOps Engineer, Consultant, and CTO where he had a lot to learn, a lot to study, and a lot to take in. He constantly thought to himself “there must be a better way to do this other than burning myself out”

He was right. 

The Directed Five is about five key principles – Good Habits, Focus, Enjoyment, Persistence, and Dedication.

With the power of The Directed Five, you’ll soon realize that Cognitive Science plays a much bigger role in becoming a great engineer than studying all of the different tools and platforms.


You can expect a few different things from here:

  • Free and paid coaching (which you can find here)
  • Live and recorded coaching sessions
  • Free podcast
  • Cognitive engineering tips
  • Blog posts on how to implement The Directed Five


The journey ahead of you may be frustrating at times, but the one thing that Michael can say with 100% confidence is that it’ll be worth it.